Your Simple Coat Rack Bench


With a simple coat rack bench you can solve the problem of order in your home. Find a bank of lightweight design and uses the space below to place colorful boxes to store accessories, sewing box, tools … A good idea is to set on the bottom shelf hooks and hang them bags, scarves , scarves and even clothing short coat. Bank Invar shelf model and box Lockerby, IKEA.

A coat rack bench is the last point that you leave in the morning and the first you walk to after a long day. It is not only an area of heavy traffic; it is a place that contains many things: coats, bags, hats and shoes. The key to getting the most out of a hallway is to create a functional storage area to keep everything in place. While one option is to have a contractor build a custom storage, we’re going to hunt for some treasures, roll up, use some creativity and do it ourselves.

Visit yard sales and shops second coat rack bench and a buffet table or cabinet, if you do not already have. Place the bench on a wall where you have space to hang hooks and shelves above.

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