Workplace Health : The Other Side of Employee Wellness

Corporate health promotion is important to the U.S.'s workforce. There's certainly room for health promotion programs. Notwithstanding, some groups do not support health promotion programs in the worksite. Here are two common reasons why -

Corporate Wellnes and Privacy Rights

Privacy rights seem to be the primary opposition to wellness programs. Some individuals believe that companys have no right to tell workers to eat healthful or lose twenty pounds.

This opinion seems to be made stronger by the hundreds of corporations seeking the help of law firms to start more aggressive wellness programs. What a person does with his/her body is certainly a privacy issue.

Nevertheless, wellness programs were initiated to be encouraging ways to help workforce get fit by offering incentives and free health programs. If employee wellness is brought back to its original mission and participation wasn't monitored or mandatory, there would be far less privacy issues.

Employee Wellness - Incentives or Penalties

Consequences rarely motivate someone like incentives do. Groups opposing wellness programs are citing that some companies are threatening unhealthful workforce with consequences for not participating or succeeding in their wellness program.

An example of such a case is a business based in Indianapolis that began deducting $10.00 from each paycheck for every staff member with a Body Mass Index above 29.9 because not enough staff members were utilizing the organization's wellness program.

Workers are much more likely to take part in health promotion programs if there are incentives such as cash bonuses, time off work or free products rather than the threats of consequences.

While both of these reasons are precise ones to oppose health promotion programs, both issues can easily be resolved by bringing employee health promotion back to its main mission.

These programs were not meant to invade privacy or punish unhealthful person, and the majority does not. They were and are meant to be a benefit to both the company and employee.

By stimulating and supporting health promotion program participants, businesses will likely experience success.