What Is a Hoosier Cabinet?


The Hoosier cabinet is designed and produced by Hoosier Manufacturing Company in New Castle, Indiana, in the late 20th century. The closet was a Hoosier kitchen work unit free-standing that was extremely popular in America in the early 1900s, before the invention of wall cabinet and counter tops.

The Hoosier cabinet featured a counter porcelain removable, large flour bin/sieve, sugar bin, salt box, spice jars, containers drawer sandwich bread and coffee/tea. Some had a metal rack for pots and pans. There were drawers for storing utensils. Rack on the inner parts of the cabinet doors best were used for the display of graphics for measuring or recipe cards. Specifications

Hoosier cabinet were made ​​of oak and sat on wheels. They are made ​​from a base part containing deep drawers and a large closet, and a top surface containing more shelves, containers and cabinets. These two parts are joined together by metal channels, which play counter porcelain sliding. In general, Hoosier cabinets were 4 meters wide, 6 meters high and 2 meters deep.

There were many other manufacturers of Hoosier cabinet type as GI Sellers and Sons, McDougall and Boone. However, with the invention of peaks cabinet against the wall and around 1930, the Hoosier cabinet fell on hard times.

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