Unlock an Antique China Cabinet


Antique china cabinet can be a beautiful addition to your home, but sometimes the keys are lost and cabinet locks in the closed position. Open the lock can be easier than you think, can be unlocked in no time.

Unlock the antique china cabinet

  1. Get ready to “force” the lock. Many antique china cabinet use the old skeleton key and are easy to pick. Even if you are not a professional enforcer locks or you’ve never tried before, you’ll be surprised by the results.
  2. Identifies the position of the lock. Insert the small screwdriver gently into the area where the ball key would. It is natural to feel a jump; this may be pushing barrels insurance or if the lock is sophisticated. Use a paper clip or a fork, insert it where would the flat part of the key.
  3. Locate and purchase a standard key that is used to open this type of lock. According to James Hanna, owner of J & M Lock is commonly known as “key lock saved.” Made to open most locks of old furniture.
  4. If the previous steps did not work, be prepared to locate a locksmith professional references that specializes open the lock.
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