The Placing of Foyer Table


It is common for decorators and homeowners place a thin foyer table of some sort in the lobby or entrance of the house. But there is no rule about the exact size, depth, shape, or original purpose of the table. In fact, as long as your foyer or hall is large enough to have the piece, you can even put there for a dresser and closet living room.


Many combinations of closet and dresser are configured as two separate pieces, allowing you to easily separate them and use only the sideboard. But the cabinets come in many sizes and designs. Yours may go well with your dresser and foyer table. Or, if your foyer or hallway is large enough, you might have room for both the hall table or for a combination of wardrobe and dresser. In this case, you can use the table for its traditional purpose hall and closet and dresser to show pictures or curiosities.

Place a foyer table in the lobby or entrance of a house not only serves to fill the space. A hall table serves to enter a home a more pleasant and comfortable experience for a family member or special guest. A foyer table can have a small hall running lamp, candle fragrance or container with aromatic dried flowers, a floral arrangement, framed photographs or small box.

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