Sock Monkey Nursery Ideas


Sock monkey nursery – Monkey themed nurseries are a favorite. They are fun, colorful and a nice change from pink to girls, blue for children watch. What ideas are incorporated, be sure to include a stuffed animal to complete the look. Use earthy browns and greens, with a few bright splashes of colors of tropical accent. Paint a mural of large leaves and vines around the room, hidden in the leaves and monkeys swinging from vines. Stuffed monkeys hanging from the ceiling.

Sock monkey nursery, if you want to submit a cartoon monkey, such as Curious George, starts with bedding and curtains that feature the character. Paint the room a sunny yellow with white and red accents. Illustrations framework storybooks featuring cartoon monkey and hang in clusters on the walls.

A room sock monkey nursery will warm reds, browns and pure white chocolate. Hang a mobile attraction tiny sock monkeys and use of bedding and curtains that have a sock-monkey print or signature colors. A brown and red braided rug on the floor brings the look together. Baby and child hang out in a room with white walls and stuffed animals in the crib and push toy-aircraft scoots along like a tricycle wheels in the air.

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