Receive (More) Hugs on Your Birthday, But You Give the Cuddle Couch


Cuddle couch – If Facebook is something useful to remember the birthdays of your friends. It is not uncommon on the date indicated your wall display embattled congratulatory messages from people you were not added by knows what reasons. It’s cold, of course.

How many of us owe to Facebook eternal gratitude for making us remember the birthdays of our loved ones and … of the hundreds of people who add no idea who they are and why they are among our friends. We agree that as it is nice to remember and to be remembered in the birthday, it is also cold and boring to write, read and reply to messages flooding the wall

Therefore Outback Steakhouse and Lew’Lara \ TBWA have partnered to create the B-day Chair, cuddle couch gives you a hug for each message congratulating you get to your Facebook wall. After sitting on the couch, we will Facebook forced into our account and activate on-screen application sofa with every greeting. But that’s not all: the application itself will snap and our reaction will go to our account, saving us the fact to answer every message. Let’s face it, is tedious.

The cuddle couch is installed on every Outback Steakhouse and, of course, from here it becomes difficult access one (all the restaurants are in the US and 18 other countries including Spain is not). That does not detract from the idea and, as always, any excuse to celebrate the birthday is appreciated.

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