Period of baroque furniture


The period of baroque furniture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are so exquisite and glamorous style. The French, Italian and English influences are evident in the woodworking and sophisticated ornaments that were used to design the furniture baroque. If you want to incorporate furniture baroque design of your home, you must combine them with wooden objects made ​​by craftsmen.

1. Ornaments

The era of baroque furniture elaborate adornments introduced the design of furniture. This period is often characterized by columns with large tornado form and sublime molds. According to Dion Design, ornamental details “related to the entire piece and flow for all the work and not just on a panel.” Symbolic characters, cherubs and sophisticated patterns are characteristic of many chairs and sofas from the Baroque period.

2. Curvature

Linear designs were replaced with curves and woodwork during the Baroque period. Many pieces incorporate baroque curved styles with “camel-back” and rounded edges on the chairs and sofas. The introduction of the deflection at the baroque furniture makes them more comfortable and romantics alike. Wealthy home owners used these luxurious pieces to your living rooms and receptions are fashionable.

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