Pallet Furniture Ideas Recycle


Convert a pallet found on the street in one piece of your furniture may not be as difficult as you thought. Although shops are starting to be made ​​with pallet furniture ideas, if you have time and you like DIY there are plenty of things that you yourself can do with a pallet. Here we show you some of the pallet furniture ideas we found.

1. Pallet Sofa

Find some pallets as they want mount them on top of each other, paint and a foam mattress or good and attractive cushions.

2. Bed Pallet

Or if you prefer, you can put a mattress to be a bed

3. Head of bed

If you want to give a different look to your room for very little money, you can choose to place pallet furniture ideas as a headboard.

4. Coffee table

You can also get this beautiful coffee table; the legs are made by cutting the edges of another pallet.

5. Shelving books

You can also create a library at the same time gives an original touch to your home. Or a simpler version is to make a pallet magazine. Or to give a rustic feel to the kitchen, you can make this pallet shelf for glasses.

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