Nursery Rocker In Kindergarten Bettendorf


UP and DOWN it comes in kindergarten Bettendorf since a short time thanks to the new planned by the HTL Zeltweg, manufactured and mounted nursery rocker. The manufacturing of all parts and their assembly were in the workshops of the HTL under the control of FOL Manfred Bishop and FOL Anton Geisha p performed by pupils, with amendments of production were recycled after clarification in the construction.

The final foundation and assembly on site nursery rocker was developed by students from the Department of Construction Engineering accomplished as outdoor construction site with concrete tasks. For the procurement of raw materials and the legal technical review of the play equipment, the Building Department Director Ingo Georg Ambrosch├╝tz showed. Responsible, with the cooperation partners “ALPE carpentry” and “Metal Roerich” generously supported.

The task was deliberately across departments of Mechanical Engineering, and Construction designed with subsequent production and assembly, so that the students had to think through their work to the last detail and implement necessary changes and recalculate in the development phase and had to be documented. When handing over the nursery rocker, which was carried out in the presence of Mayor Johann Stranger, the children, but also the caregivers Edith Scarf and Margret Fig showed excited.

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