Making Race Car Toddler Bed


Race car toddler bed – As toddler arrive at preschool, begin to form opinions and have preferences. These growth signals extend to the way they want to dorm decor. If you have a toddler who likes riding in the car, it is easy and inexpensive to transform a bed in a race car.

Instructions to make race car toddler bed: find a picture of a racing car profile that you and your toddler like. Print the image on a transparency encrypted. Measure the bed to determine the race car the size it needs to be purchased and how many density fiberboard sheets (MDF) average will be necessary.

Support the sheets of MDF against a wall and use the projector to display the image of transparency on the boards. Trace the image to the MDF with a pencil. You may need to use two sheets of MDF for the correct size and cover the entire side of the bed.

Cut the vehicle’s outline for each side of the bed. Sand the edges of the MDF. Paint the sides of the car with colors that match the toddler’s bedroom, adding the details you prefer.

Secure car images on each side of the bed using screws and drills. Screw the MDF at the head and the bars, in a location that is not visible. Check all race car toddler bed components to ensure safety to the toddler.

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