Ideas for Classic Winnie the Pooh Nursery


The muted color palette of pictures of Sheppard provides a dreamy, soothing choice for your Winnie the pooh nursery, while soft characters Milne’s stories offer a whimsical theme upturned in less sophisticated version of Disney.  Select a color from the off, Classic Pooh illustrations ethereal tones. A soft yellowish-tan on your walls highlights the skin color of Pooh, while a pale pink blush is the perfect backdrop for your little Piglet.

Similarly, if you or a loved one prefers to bedding, officially licensed fabric Classic Winnie the pooh nursery is available in standard color scheme of sage-tan-pink and in toil represent white scenes and roses House at Pooh Corner. Alternatively, you can select solid crib bedding and accent the room with Pooh characters.

Classic Pooh Piglet plush toys, Tiger, Pooh, Eyesore and populate the bookcase in your baby’s room with copies of the original Pooh stories of the 1920 A framed a favorite illustration copy EH Sheppard, such as the iconic image of Pooh stuck in the rabbit hole makes a beautiful piece of wall art. Feel free to paint the words “Hundred Acre Wood” or even “Mr. Sanders” (address Pooh) on the door of the Winnie the pooh nursery.

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