Ideas for Blackout Curtains Nursery


Blackout curtains nursery – If you have light-colored curtains, getting a full night’s sleep may be nearly impossible. Between street lights and sunlight, sleep until noon let alone at night it can be a difficult task. Blackout lining is an easy and cost effective to block the sunlight without purchasing new curtains manner. Not only light coming blackout lining, though the windows, also retains its privacy from neighbors peeping. If you are not an expert seamstress, lining your curtains can seem overwhelming, but the blackout lining can be easily added to prefabricated curtains or drapes.

Take your blackout curtains nursery down outside the window and curtain rod. Measure the length and width of your curtains to determine the amount of fabric you will need to purchase; blackout material is usually sold in a width of 54 inches, the yard (36 inches). Calculate the amount of fabric you will need before you go to the fabric store.

Buy the blackout curtains nursery material. This can be found in the section covering home decor of most fabric stores and usually is white or cream color. Using a pair of fabric scissors, cut the blackout that covers a shorter inch curtains along the width. You measure your curtain length starting at the bottom of the metal rings, eyelets, tabs or cloth bags curtain rod slides through.

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