How to Re-Train Cat to Use the Litter Box Enclosure


When your cat stops using his litter box enclosure, it could destroy your carpet and your furniture with disasters. Cats stop using the litter box for many reasons, including stress and illness, but can return to train with a persistent fellow.


  1. Thoroughly clean the areas your cat used an enzyme cleaner made for waste. In some cases it may be necessary to lift and clean carpet underneath as well.
  2. A new box filled with clean sand and places it in the place where the cat has urinated. If there are multiple points where the cat had to “go” or if it is not practical to put a new litter box instead, put his plate of food and water in there.
  3. Encourage your cat to use the new litter box enclosure, putting some of their waste there.
  4. Congratulate when using it. Clean any accidents with an enzymatic cleaner quickly. If necessary, enclosing your kitten to a small room with hard surfaces such as bathroom or laundry room to get to use the litter box.
  5. Move the new litter box enclosure an inch or two daily until you near the old box or somewhere where you’d leave permanently. Some cats may need multiple litter boxes.
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