How to Make Slipcovered Sofas


How to Make Slipcovered Sofas?

Measures the couch. Purchase muslin cloth and fabric slipcovered sofas. Make a pattern. Use muslin or paper patterns to create the mold of the cover of the sofa.

Drop the muslin at the front of the sofa, starting with the top of the back cushion and going forward to the floor. Covered with muslin cloth around the arms of the sofa. Place pins to hold them in place.

Cut along the marked areas and those pins. Use scissors or a common tool sharp suits and short muslin in place for a better result. Remove the cut pieces at a time. Prepare fabric sofa. Wash it early to avoid shrinkage after sewing.

Place the fabric on a flat surface. Make it so that the design is down and the back facing up. For beginners it is best to use a solid color fabric, avoiding many designs or drawings to avoid problems in coordinating patterns when different parts sewn. Put the muslin or paper cut designs on the canvas. Walking patterns in the fabric.

Match the pieces, one by one. Turn the finished size and test case on the couch. Sew decorative slipcovered sofas and pillows if you need them.

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