How to Make Simple Chair Cushion


The chairs are as comfortable as your fill. If your chair is made ​​of wood or metal, is likely to be less comfortable the longer you sit. However, it is easy to make a simple chair cushion. This will add comfort to the chair and make it more attractive. Choose one of attractive and durable upholstery fabric with color and design you like.

Chair cushion, place a piece of thick foam 3-4 inches (7.6 to 10.1 cm) in the seat of the chair. Drawing the shape of the seat to trace along the bottom of the pad with a pen. Cut the pad using a knife electric, which is used to cut meat. If you do not, you can use a knife serrated. Clean the edges and see how it fits the pad several times.

Fold the fabric washed and ironed in half. Place the pad on the cloth with 1 extra inch (2.54 cm) in the two sides closer to the edge. Cut around the fabric leaving one inch (2.54) extra on all sides. Chair cushion measure the thickness of the foam and add one inch (2.54 cm) per half inch (1.27 cm) for the seam allowance. Measure the perimeter of the pad. Cut strips from the side pair these dimensions.

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