How to Fix a Metal File Cabinet


The metal file cabinet is heavy and is designed to support a lot of weight and provide stability for your files. However, like any other file cabinet drawers can sometimes become stuck or jammed.


  1. Empty the drawer is jammed. If the drawer is stuck closed and then opened the drawer that is on it and remove it from the rail pulling it out once it is fully open.
  2. Try opening and closing the drawer was stuck once the weight is removed. If the box works normally, then the problem may be related to weight. Although metal file cabinet is heavy weight, too much weight can create interference problems.
  3. Take out the jammed drawer for metal file cabinet. Wags and pulls, using pry bar to lift it a bit if you stay stuck. Once the drawer is fully open, take it out of the rails and flip.
  4. Examines the rails inside the cabinet. There will be multiple rails on the left and right side of the drawer and the drawer help support additional weight.
  5. Replace the drawer. Open it up and empty to make sure it opens and closes gently close it. Gradually add weight in the file drawer and continues by opening and closing to check the smoothness of the track.
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