How To Clean Wicker Basket


Because they are handmade, the wicker basket can be a bit expensive. They are widely used for decorating homes. But because they are made ​​of branches or thin wooden dowels, the baskets wicker needs special care. Need to be cleaned in the proper way so that they can retain their beauty and form. Clean them the right way will also last longer, also protecting your investment.

Put on a pair of cotton gloves or latex. This will protect the wicker basket of skin oils, hand creams and other greasy substances when’re playing.

Removes dust, dirt and releases dust your wicker basket with a feather duster or a paint brush natural bristle. Start inside the basket. Brush in the direction of wicker. Gently brush the bottom, and then work up the sides. Turn wicker basket and clean the bottom, then the sides.

Place the upholstery nozzle on the end of the vacuum cleaner. Gently aspirate the wicker basket to take a moderate amount of dust and dirt. Starts inside the top. Work up around the basket.

Deeply clean your wicker basket with a cotton cloth. Lightly moisten the cloth with cold water. Then dry (do not clean) basket to clean stubborn dirt and debris. Turn the cloth as they go messing.

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