How to Change Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets


Remodel and update the two tone kitchen cabinets can be expensive. Change the image of a kitchen and save money by simply altering the color of the cabinets. Paint them white or cream for a touch of countryside French or a black tone for a modern and sophisticated finish. Many homes also incorporate different two tone kitchen cabinets, one for the upper cabinets and one for the base. Paint the cabinets will take a few days so is prepared to put several layers of paint

Decorative painting techniques

  1. Add some effects with paint if desired. Sand the edges of some two tone kitchen cabinets for an old and worn look. Use the sanding block to carve a little topcoat. Note that by doing this, the first coat of paint or natural wood tone will be revealed.
  2. Covers the two tone kitchen cabinets with a glaze look. Mix one part dark paint with four parts glaze to paint furniture. Clean stains, allowing the glaze to remain in yelling and corners of cabinets.
  3. Paint the inside of the two tone kitchen cabinets with different shades. Place a template or a hand-painted to add an extra touch design.
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