Good Elephant Hamper Idea


Hi guys…. How are you? I hope you all always nice. I am very well guys. J This so tender and mullidito elephant is part of a basket child who commissioned me recently. To baskets newborn, I must note that the stuffed animals do not carry dangerous things for babies, such as buttons, etc … So I leaned on this elephant hamper, so simple but nice.

As you see, it is named for its future owner embroidered on the side, and also the ears, so great and funny can be moved … or sucks! And why I have also made ​​fully washable 😉 I make an accompanying one petite, a cover for the health card …. a whole elephant humper!

But as I head these days I can only teach you the elephant basket. The cover is on the way, and the bag in the project. Which reminds me that I must stop writing and start to sew! If I have time, before handing the elephant hamper to you, I will make you more pictures and the taught and then we can share.  Until then, spend a very happy weekend!!

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