Elegant Bistro Table Set


If we attend a formal dinner in restaurant, you can see bistro table set, it is possible to “guess” to some extent that will serve dishes for silverware and plates on table. Same goes for glasses and drinks will be served.

We also want to show that usual banquet of bistro table set is that there flyer with menu, but there cannot be and is here when we can read between lines “table.” To give an idea and starting at center of plate, to right place knives, spoons and any other special cover (one clip seafood, a hook for snails, etc.). At top of the plate and slightly to the right place glassware glass of water, glass of red wine and white wine glass, if champagne, this cup is last place on right (and in some places place first left)

On left side on bistro table set are placed all holders and support tools (to puncture or fasten), and at top left of plate of bread and butter. Generally napkin is also placed, but we have left choice of each, place it in either side of plate is totally correct.

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