Drop Leaf Table Styles


A drop leaf table—a table that has one leaf that drops down into the center of the table so it stretches out long is a viable answer for little spaces.


Elizabethan style drop-leaf tables started in sixteenth Century England and were built with a Gothic impact. This sort of table does not have a leaf that drops into the center however pivoted sides that twofold the tables length when lifted.

Obsolescent and Georgian

Commonly round with involved points of interest and carvings, obsolescent drop-leaf tables are utilized as feasting tables or as a part of formal lounge rooms. They give a rich, old-world look. Georgian drop leaf tables have longer sides and their legs are near one another, permitting one and only seat to be utilized.


Transitional drop leaf table situate four and are known for their exquisite styles and satisfactory space for various feasting courses of action. Transitional tables, when completely developed, rival different tables, yet they preserve space when collapsed.


One side can be drop leaf table and pushed up against the divider to spare space and effectively hauled out to oblige for additional seating. The butterfly style frequently offers a storage room underneath for putting away eating apparatuses napkins, additional plates, flatware or capacity for collapsing seat.

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