Decorating a Child’s Bedroom with Distressed Dresser


Distressed dresser – First and foremost, expel drawers from the dresser and unscrew and evacuate drawer pulls/handles. Sand down the outside of your dresser so you have a marginally unpleasant surface to deal with. Utilize the red paint to paint around where your handles will go, along edges of drawer fronts, and in irregular spots on the group of the dresser. Permit to dry for a couple of hours. Next, paint with the water over the red, permitting a percentage of the red paint to show through.

At the point when the paint distressed dresser is sufficiently dry, you can utilize your sandpaper to pain the edges. Don’t be hesitant to let a percentage of the wood color show through, it provides for it a decent obsolescent impact. Line your drawers with contact paper and afterward append your earthenware drawer handles in a fun design.

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