How to Decorate Twin Nursery Ideas


If you are expecting twins, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. But the twin nursery ideas not add to your stress. Create a plan for decorating from a color scheme and movement across the finishing touches. Remember that your twins are two separate people, so decorate a room that may reflect the personalities of their two daughters as they grow.

Choose the color scheme you want to twin nursery ideas the walls of the room, as well as accent decorations. Check out the many palettes available in various stores and home improvement painting. Paint two walls of a main color, and painting the other two walls with a secondary color. Coordinate furniture to complement each wall colors. To make the best use of smaller nurseries, look for furniture that is versatile. For example, buying a sideboard which is also a changing table or crib that converts to a toddler bed.

Twin nursery ideas, Hang window treatments on curtain rods; Choose shades that match any of the primary or secondary colors of the walls. Hang wall fixtures with a hammer and nails. Accessories should coordinate with the color scheme of the walls and window treatments. Place buckets, containers and baskets around the room to give children a place to throw your toys.

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