How to Customize Blow Dryer Holder


The blow dryer holder allows you to safely store your dryer when not in use. Most of the owners of blow dryers are made of metal, plastic or wood. If the holder is rather boring to watch, and does little to enhance the overall look of the room, consider customization. For most, adding a personal touch to your door phone is relatively simple process that allows you to incorporate your own tastes and style.

Education to customize blow dryer holder:

clean the media dryer with damp cloth. Let it dry. Place a piece of cardboard on the outside on a flat surface. Lay the dryer on the cardboard holder. Shake the spray paint can for a few seconds. When choosing spray paint, use one designed for the specific material it is made ​​of the holder.

Hold the can of spray paint 10-14 centimeters above the dryer door and pull the trigger. Start at the top and apply the paint as it moves down the support. Apply smooth strokes while maintaining the fast moving spray.

Finally, to customize blow dryer holder, allow the support to dry for several hours. Turn the holder above and applying the spray paint in the same way as before. Keep the surface dry for several hours.

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