Crib Canopy for a Baby with a Wedding Veil


Some women cling to her wedding dress and her veil hoping to use them for something else in the future. Having a baby will have the opportunity to recycle your old wedding veil to help decorate your baby’s room. Some people choose to use a crib canopy over the crib of their babies as a way of decoration. The wedding veil can be transformed into a crib canopy to give a little more character to your nursery.

Drill a small hole on the right above the cradle in which want the canopy to hang ceiling. The crib canopy should be placed on the end of the crib where the baby’s head. Tie a piece of 2 ft (60.9 cm) of invisible thread in the crown of the veil. Tie the other end to the ceiling hook to suspend her veil.

Ata a few pieces of invisible thread that has around 76.2 to 91.4 cm long, at intervals of 45.7 to 60.9 cm from the crown of the veil. Use at least three chains at regular intervals. Paste the other end of each wire in the ceiling to 30.4 cm from the ceiling hook to encompass a little veil.

Crib Canopy For Another Option

Today, people use crib canopy for their bed. With this ideas, our bed will more attracted and more desirable. We like this bed tools because it make another face for our bedding ideas. More inspiring with coloring scheme. Natural color give us sense in white, pink or broken white. This is more awesome with light color too, like light blue, light yellow and many others. For the first reason, this ideas used to prevent us from mosquitoes when we sleeping. However, today this ideas used to decorating our bed.

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And than show up the question, is it easy to install? I can tell you, this ideas is very easy to install. If you have nail and hammer, screws, you can be expert to install it. We love our home because it suitable with our style. Every time, and everywhere, the main focus is to improve our home.

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