Creative Uses for Bay Windows with Vanity Chair


Vanity chair – The bay windows give each home a distinctive look in addition to allowing the entry of natural light. Its unique structure adds an interesting interior and exterior of the house looks. While many people use the area of ​​the bay window as a quiet place for reading or watching, there are several other uses for these windows so unusual.

Corner for tea or breakfast

Take advantage of this unique space that offers a bay window and use it as a private place to dine. For windows that do not have built-in seating, place a small round or oval table, add two small vanity chair and the space will be created. If the window is next to the kitchen area that will cause the space is suitable for making breakfast while reading the newspaper.

Vanity area

If your bay window has no built-in seat, enjoy the space and all the natural light to fill it with a dressing table and a vanity chair; ideal for this use is that the window is in any room or extra bedroom. The convex structure of bay windows allows a wide use of space for the vanity, leaving him out of circulation area without taking up space in the rest of the environment.

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