Cozy Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker


Decorate nurseryworks sleepytime rocker with colorful chalkboard paint. Paint the entire rocker with chalkboard paint to create an acceptable background for the creativity of their children. Chalkboard paint passes as easily as regular latex paint. Select a color to match the decor of your room now kids can draw on the chair with the chalk, which can then be easily erased.

Customize a nurseryworks sleepytime rocker to fit a baby’s room through the paint colors, images and letters.

Paint the rocking chair to coordinate with the nursery decor, then decorate with an inspirational verse, painted, or rub-on transfer designs. Letters and designs stenciled transfer are available to help create writing. Transfers and templates are also available in a variety of baby-friendly patterns to suit a baby’s nursery.

Stain the wooden nurseryworks sleepytime rocker to coordinate with the decor of your D├ęcoupage photos on the wide slats in the chair, back and front. Spread a thin layer of decoupage medium over the surface of stained wood. Press images Photo cut in line and then use a sponge to spread the paint decoupage medium over the images. If the arm rails are wide enough, you can also decorate with old photos.

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