Cosmetic tourism in Costa Rica provides an incredible level of support

The Real Advantage of Medical Travel to The faultily Insured, the Self Insured, and the Uninsured

As I sit in the lovely and modern facility of Hospital Clinica Biblica I am struck by what an incredible resource we have got here in Costa Rica. I know by this time that many have been told that Costa Rica features JCI licensed hospitals but the actuality doesn't strike the patient till they actually arrive. I spent a year nursing my sister at one of the finest surgeries in the North East and I will say unequivocally that the greatest difference between the two is similar to the service one receives in your local mom and pop store vs what one could expect in an automatic factory.

Take today's example my customer a lady from Georgia needed an emergency hysterectomy due to cancer. So of course the insurance company to which she has been paying into for years found some clause or another and started intimating that she was not covered, use emetrol. Now when emergency surgery is needed the very last thing you want is to be battling with the uncertainty of an 80 thousand buck in the red expense. Even with the insurance coverage she possessed she was taking a look at twenty fife thousand dollars out of pocket costs.

Enter Health Check Costa Rica, after finding our web site created to help patients with their medical travel plans I talked with the patient about her concerns of which she had many. Considering important surgery in another country is a discouraging idea at the very best. This is where the role of facilitator becomes instrumental in communicating the true quality and realities of Medical Travel to Costa Rica. So we introduced the patient to one or two options and finally arranged for a 3 way phone meeting with the surgeon. Well once again thank the Lord for the facilitator, while the doctor is a famous surgeon lets just say that between the language barrier and a somewhat less than effusive phone demeanour we were able to get all the patients questions answered to her satisfaction.

Now as the patient arrives here is where the diversities between this infirmary and its North American counterparts really struck me. This is not a factory, Clinica Biblica has a warm atmosphere and it's full of helpful trained staff the pure number of which stunned even me. There were friendly folks available to service the patients each need from drivers to the coordinator and even the Director of global services was available to welcome and comfort the patient. I haven't seen anything like it, and I guarantee that most people coming here will be exceedingly pleasantly shocked at the pro atmosphere, the modernity of the facility and most significantly the warm and personal attention that comes so naturally to Pro Costa Ricans.

As a footnote please know that the same surgery with a globally famous consultant including 10 days of recovery stay for her and her hubby worked out to under Eleven Thousand dollars, excluding airline ticket.

Health Check Costa Rica is the Premier Medical Tourism facilitator and Surgical Procedures coordinator in Costa Rica. We have helped hundreds of patients together with our Licensed partners receive quality medicare at affordable pricing.