Composition Uba Tuba Granite Stone


Uba tuba granite is a type of granite originates mainly from Brazil; It is one of the hardest types of granite. This stone is waterproof, heat resistant and very durable. Like other types of granite, this stone is a desirable option for tiles, countertops and floors. Understanding the composition of the stone shed light on why maintains its strong features.

Other names uba tuba granite Stone,

This type of rock is also called Verde Uba Tuba, Green Bay, Labrador green, green granite and Ooba Tuba. There are several other names that may be associated with this type of material, but these are the main. Quartz and mica are the main components of uba tuba granite. You will find some pieces of garnet Uba Tuba granite. Granite is formed under high temperature and pressure. When this igneous rock is in its molten liquid, hot, pushed upward from the inner layers of the planet and hardens in solid form as a rock.

Most uba tuba granite is in different shades of medium to dark green. You can also find in brown or black. Instead of veins of color, specks of gold, repetitions of white or brown for the stone. The coloration of this type of stone may appear to change colors in different lighting, but this aspect is due to light refraction capabilities stone.

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