Comfortable Tub Chair


A tub chair is rather a small armchair. It usually has a low curved backrest with arms that are naturally comfortable to rest your arms on its own. Sometimes lower arms start back and bent to same height. Chairs with concave back often found in hotel lobbies, restaurants and bars. At home, these chairs can be in bedrooms, living rooms or anywhere extra seating is needed.

Tub chair are small and closed, feel like cozy places to sit. This makes them ideal for contemplative spaces, such as landing of stairs, where you can rest or in a library, where you can sit alone and read a book. Another good use is under a lamp in corner of a living room or in front of a window.

Tub chair are often used in commercial spaces such as bars, clubs and hotel lobbies, offering comfort without taking up much space. In hotel lobby, located four chairs with concave backing around a low table to create a waiting room, Use same technique to create a large office waiting room and informal meeting area. In bars and nightclubs can be matched chairs with benches to increase amount of available seats.

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