Chalk Paint Kitchen Cabinets Step By Step


We finished our review of the chalk paint kitchen cabinets  viewing detail how to apply this technique for those ye left with the desire to try these chalk paintings. For this I picked up a container of furniture directly work closer and we will transform it, watching the step by step process.

Step by Step

  1. First, find the chalk paint kitchen cabinets and the desired color. You know I bought a beautiful Mediterranean blue Annie Sloan called Greek, but once painted four or five things
  2. Once we have the right tone, you have dusted the furniture. No joke that is recycled a reclaimed cupboard in chalk paint kitchen cabinets, which was to simply change the hinges.
  3. The inside left it on a more reddish trying to imitate or emulate those precious oriental chalk paint kitchen cabinets, but with such a classic design without size not too note.
  4.  Finally, the chalk paint kitchen cabinets that set and keep jumping at every opportunity. In case you want to give it some patina to look like old painted furniture, a final coat of Annie Sloan dark wax is the perfect finish.
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