Brooklyn Towest, Reclaimed Wood Furniture


Ariele Alasko has a woodworking studio in Brooklyn. This is the last stop in a career that began studying sculpture at an art school in New York and will continue with an uncertain destiny. Today is dedicated to manufacture reclaimed wood furniture.

The interesting part Ariele is not used conventionally woods but articulates to generate patterns and reclaimed wood furniture geometric designs that make interesting rhythms into his pieces. One of his most interesting works was made in California restaurant in Vecchio. He departed from Brooklyn to California by truck recovering in the way different types of materials used in manufacturing after all tables and wall coverings local. The result of reclaimed wood furniture is quite compelling.

All parts made ​​by the study are produced from 100% recycled wood materials and recovered. That is why no two pieces alike. Ariele makes headers for beds, tables, and some other furniture. Their tables are some of the most interesting pieces. Tables are formed from multiple pieces of wood, in some cases retain screws or dowels original generating a very interesting pattern, or combine different types of wood, with various colors, making attractive rhythms and mixtures. Ariele has a blog that chronicles his daily life.

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