Bringing a Steampunk Furniture Style for Office


A combination of Victorian aesthetics and science fiction in the style of Jules Verne, steampunk furniture is the art of modifying everyday items to look like obsolete technology.


  1. Decorate with Victorian or Victorian-inspired furniture. Lounge chairs and a lounge chair or a mat or a desk that period can set the stage for the steampunk furniture design. The shops or antique shops and second-hand flea markets are good places to look for this furniture.
  2. Use brass. A lot of teams use steampunk brass. The brass articles are an option. Brass objects, as old keys and metal wastes can be used for both decorative and for modifications. The gears of the clocks and other spare parts are excellent steampunk furniture.
  3. Modifies office equipment such as computer, in steampunk gear. Remove the keyboard keys and replace them with old typewriter keys. Paint the monitor brass or bronze. Spend furniture with sandpaper or a sandblaster so they look old and well used. Use dark spots on wood furniture.
  4. Use decorative antique touches to complete the room. Objects such as magnification loupes, old telephones and bells give the office a finished style. It reminds of adventure in the era before the First World War.
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