Bookends for Nursery


Succulents are the unsung heroes of indoor plants. They are super cute and virtually indestructible (you only need watering once a week). Now we’re going to count as bookends make a succulent.GHK Materials needed to make a bookend with succulent Succulent several Glass jar two sizes Pederast How is the step to make hacksaw books- Bookends for Nursery

Take old wooden bookends for nursery tray design or newspaper to cover your table before removing its succulent pots. Let the soil around the roots of plants (you’ll need to return to the pot on the bookends), and put the rest aside. To complete the project, you will have two glass cylinder vases. Note: You have to be small enough to fit inside the other, with a few inches of clearance around the edges.

After placing the smaller vessel within the larger, filling the gap between them with smooth river stones (available at craft stores). You can also place some stones at the bottom of the large vessel to lift a bit smaller vessel, if necessary. Your succulents in small vase, adding some dirt you set aside to fill the container. Finally, the arrangement up with more river rocks to hide any glass that is still looming bookends for nursery.

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