Bench with Shoe Storage Ideas


Instead of keeping your shoe collection in a mess at the bottom of your closet, it can be difficult to watch, as well as dusty, make your own bench with shoe storage. Recycle items to make your frame, if possible, the reuse of an old bunk bed ladder or drawer comfortably.

Create your own bench with shoe storage by mounting drawer’s antique dresser on the wall. Uses made ​​of material lighter wood, and cut the front of each drawer with a saw as desired. If you are opting to leave the front part, the racks mounted on the wall, as in a closet, so you can see through them.

Recycle an old wooden ladder making it a bench with shoe storage on the wall. Stairs Bunk age may work, because they are usually lightweight. A ladder can be fixed to the wall as a shoemaker in two ways: either mount only the top of the ladder to the wall to make a cobbler out of the wall towards you, or attach wooden planks of the stairs, then place the ladder to the wall, giving a little space between the rungs of the ladder and the wall for hanging shoes.

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