Scheduled Expedition to Mt. Aconcagua - 6.962 m

In order to reach the highest peak in America, our professional mountain team has developed a complete program offering you security on the mountain with the best acclimatization.

You have the opportunity to participate in our expeditions and enjoy this wonderful experience.

The Best of the Expedition

  • A program that gives you the best opportunities for your acclimatization process.
  • The Aconcagua Mountain is an excellent opportunity to test yourself at an altitude of up to 7,000 m, and it is a great stepping stone for climbing the Himalaya mountains of 8,000 m. As it is the highest mountain in America it is part of “The 7 Summits Circuit”, which consists in climbing the highest mountain in each continent.
  • You will climb Mt. Bonete, so you will have the opportunity to return home with the satisfaction of having reached two summits above 5,000 m. 

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